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Getting the Most Out of the TrueFitClubs Site

How Our Custom Fitting and Custom Building Can Help Your Game

Login and See How Our Fitting Wizard Will Fit YOUR Clubs!

Welcome to TrueFitClubs, our online golf equipment site for custom fit clubs.  You will only be able to purchase clubs that are custom built to your stock options here!  Here is a quick guide to using our site:

 1.  If you know what club you want to purchase, our TrueFitClubs Customizer section asks you to choose from Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, Iron, Wedge, Putter or Shaft options.   When selecting a head, you will have numerous options by brand, model,  price range, dexterity, and loft.

Once you select the head, you will be prompted to select a shaft.  Again, you can select a variety of shafts by brand, model, price range, weight, spin, and trajectory.  You will have additional customization options for length, flex and swing weight.  Flexes can be chosen in half-flex increments with certain shafts only being able to be offered in specific flexes.  You can review your selections at any time and choose a different shaft up to the point of adding the item to your cart.

The next step is choosing your grip based upon brand, model, size and price range.  You will also have the option of customizing the installation by position of the grip logo (logo up or logo down), and number of wraps.

Once you have added your item to the cart, you can delete it or start over with a new selection.

2.  To use our Fitting Wizards you must set up or login to your account.  If you use our TrueFitClubs Fitting Wizards, you will be recommended specific club lengths, shaft weights, shaft flex, spin rating, trajectory rating and swing weights based upon the information you supplied to the Fitting Wizard.  These will show in the Shaft section of your custom build process.  You can either use these recommendations or choose your own selections.  Our fitting recommendations are only as good as the data you supply in your profile so be sure you are accurate.  If you choose the Fitting Wizard recommendations, your fit will be much better than just basing your selection on a previous set or fitting.