Monthly Shaft Giveaway



Craig Moodley, our December, 2018  Fujikura Evolution Shaft WINNER!

   As the winner, we will contact Craig to get his fitting profile so that we can determine which Evolution shaft will work best for him, as well as the weight and flex.

The newest in a long line of Speeders, the Speeder Evolution V, is developed with the most advanced technologies in the graphite shaft industry. Building on the performance, engineering and material integrations of the EVO III and EVO IV, the Evo V is the newest shaft in Fujikura’s signature line of innovation. EVO V utilizes T1100G and Outer Bias Technology for superior feel and control. EVO IV will be the lowest launching + spinning, EVO III will launch slightly higher with similar spin, and EVO V will launch the highest with slightly increased spin.

January Shaft Giveaway -  OBAN Kiyoshi Series

OBAN Shafts OBAN Shafts

The OBAN Kiyoshi shafts come in four different colors, Black, Gold, White and Purple, each with distinctly different launch, spin and feel characteristics.  From the lower launch and spin Kiyoshi Black to the higher launch and spin Kiyoshi Purple, we can find a Kiyoshi shaft to fit every golfer!

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