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Using our Golf Club Fitting Wizard

Using our Fitting Wizard will get you dialed in to very specific recommendations for club length, shaft weight, shaft flex, shaft launch(trajectory), shaft spin and swing weight for your clubs. 

Based on the BGF Fitting System

The Fitting Wizard is based upon the BGF (Better Golf...Faster) Fitting System developed by D'Lance Golf Performance Center, a Golf Digest Top 100 Clubfitter in America 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017.  The system was first developed in 2005 and has been used to fit well over 10,000 golfers around the world.  The unique aspects to this fitting system is that it takes into account four different aspects that all work together to create a proper fitting recommendation:  1.  Physical Characteristics (height, weight, wrist-crease-to-floor), 2.  Swing Dynamics (tempo, transition and release point), 3.  Strength (distance for 6 iron and driver) and 4.  Shot Tendencies (height and direction).  These same swing and shot measurements are used in our fitting studios in Colorado and Indiana.  We fully believe our fitting recommendations from our Fitting Wizard will be over 90% accurate resulting in increased consistency, improved accuracy and more distance. 

Fitting for Every Club in Your Bag

We have two different Fitting Profiles that can be created, one for Driver/Fairway wood recommendations and the other for Iron/Hybrid recommendations.  The iron fitting recommendations can also be used for wedges.

To start, you will need to Login and create a TrueFitClubs account.  You will be prompted to enter certain information but we really only need your name and email address.

Basic Physical Information

The first step is to create a Fitting profile name, something like My Driver Profile.  Then, our Fitting Wizard will ask you for Height, Weight, and Wrist-to-Floor information.  There are Tool Tip ? help icons on virtually every field to guide you to fill in the proper information.

Swing and Shot Information

The next step is to enter information about your Tempo, Transition, Release.  Again, there are Tool Tip ? by each field to guide you.  We also have some help pages here...

You will also be asked about your current shot tendencies, desired trajectory, whether you are looking for more distance, accuracy or both, and how far you hit either your driver or a 6 iron.  

Once you have completed all of the necessary information, you will click Submit and the Fitting Wizard will return your recommended profile.  This includes recommendations for Shaft Length, Shaft Weight, Shaft Flex, Shaft Trajectory, Shaft Spin, and Swing Weight. 

You can literally create as many profiles as you want for Driver/Woods and Iron/Hybrids.  This is especially useful if you are getting recommendations for family members, or you want to track your fitting recommendations over time.

Welcome to TrueFitClubs!  Enjoy the experience...

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