How Our Club Fitting and Club Building Helps Your Game

See How Our Fitting Wizard Will Fit YOUR Clubs!

Not everyone believes that getting clubs custom fit to them and then actually custom built to those specifications can help their game.  But, after fitting thousands of golfers and building tens of thousands of custom fit clubs, the results are overwhelmingly positive.   Better accuracy, more consistency, longer shots...lower scores.    Our club fitting and club building can help YOUR game!

The Sport of Golf is Different:

Think about this for a minute.  No other sport that I know of uses as many as 14 clubs to hit the ball.  No 14 bats, tennis rackets, hockey sticks....just one.  That is why getting consistency and accuracy in your golf game is so difficult.  Golf clubs by design are made in different lengths and shaft/club weights, lofts, lies, swing weights so that each club will hit a particular distance based upon your swing.  When clubs do not match your swing profile, you will see wide variations in shot dispersion and distance gaps.  That is what makes golf so frustrating for golfers.  It is difficult to get any kind of consistency in your game when your clubs do not match each other , or your swing.

Custom Club Fitting:  Our fitting wizards are based on the technology that is used in our physical facilities, the Better Golf...Faster (BGF) Fitting System.  Our fitting premise is that we can use your swing dynamics (tempo, transition and release) as well as your strength (swing speed, ball speed) and launch conditions (height, direction, spin, attack angle) to predict the most critical aspects of your clubs:  Length, shaft weight, shaft flex, swing weight, and shaft launch/spin profile.  While these may be a starting point for a fitting, in our experience, the initial predictions are right over 95% of the time.  This is why we are so confident that we can fit golfers online with our BGF Fitting System.  The Basic Fitting Wizard is a great starting point for golfers that understand their swing but do not have access to a reliable launch monitor (TrackMan, FlightScope, ForeSight).   If you know your distances with your driver and 6 iron, and are comfortable with identifying swing dynamics, shot patterns and desired results, this fitting recommendation will give you far better results than just buying clubs off the rack.  If you are unsure of your swing dynamics, check out our blog here.  The Pro Fitting Wizard takes our fitting recommendations to the same level we use in our retail facilities by getting more accurate launch monitor data.  Using such things as swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and attack angle, we will make even tighter recommendations in terms of shaft flex, shaft launch/spin profile, and swing weight.  Our proprietary shaft profiling system allows us to compare and use our fitting expertise to recommend shafts that will improve accuracy, consistency and distance.  No other fitting system in the world uses the golfers swing dynamics as well as physical stature and dynamic shot measurements to make club build recommendations.  We are by far the most accurate and reliable fitting system in the world.

Custom Club Building:  When you get clubs customized by a major OEM, the best you can hope for is the right length, loft, lie swing weight and grip size.  Even then, we have seen a lot of clubs that do not even come close to the specifications on the custom order sheet.  Our process is to build clubs to a tighter shaft flex tolerance, and the proper length, loft, lie, swing weight and grip specifications.  We spend a lot of time making sure the shafts, heads and grips are assembled to the exact specifications either you selected or we recommended.  EVERY club is custom built.  No club goes out of our build facilities as a "stock" club.

Dan Sueltz, D'Lance Golf Performance Center

Eric Touchet, Touchet Performance Golf