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  • Project X LZ Steel Shaft Review

    Project X LZ Steel shafts were tested and reviewed and so far we love what we see. The Project X LZ Steel shafts come in four different flexes and weights:  5.0 (R flex) at 110gr, 5.5 (R+ flex) at 115gr, 6.0 (S flex) at 120gr, and 6.5 (S+ flex) at...
  • OBAN CT-115 Steel Shafts

    OBAN CT 115 steel shafts are the first introduction of steel shafts by OBAN.  Traditionally a graphite shaft company with the Kiyoshi, Devotion, Revenge, Tour and Isawa models, OBAN has decided to go after the steel shaft market in a big way.  Their first introduction, the CT 115, looks to be...
  • New HeLIUM Wood Shafts From UST Mamiya

      This new light weight design from UST Mamiya gives the best in feel and stability never seen in sub-60 gram shafts.  Generate more club speed but stay in control with these innovative new shafts.  These shafts are designed to give higher launch conditions. Lower resin Carbon Fiber adds more...
  • HZRDUS T1100 Shaft Review

    HZRDUS T1100 HZRDUS T1100 shaft review.  The latest in the Project X HZRDUS lineup uses the highly acclaimed Toray composite maker TORAYCA T1100G material.  This high strength yet high modulus material improves strength (resist ovaling during the swing) and impact resistance (less movement on off-center hits).  Interestingly this material...

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