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Success Stories

Success Stories covers the many golfers that we have helped in improving their games through our custom fitting and custom building of their equipment.  From 8 years old to 94 and counting, from beginners to tour players, we have helped them all play Better Golf....Faster!

New Clubs Bring Improvement, Excitement (Review)

May 14th, 2018 - Review "The clubs are fantastic!  I noticed ... read more

Success Stories

New Clubs Produce Great Results!

Success Story "I'm hitting the clubs really well... everything looks and feels GREAT! I'm really excited to play [my new clubs] more!" "Thank you so much for everything, I definitely recommend this type of approach [to getting custom fit clubs]." Mike ... read more
Success Stories

EPIC Results with New Clubs

EPIC Results with New Clubs Got to the driving range yesterday day. Irons worked well, but the driver was AWESOME!!!! Love it. My 1st 2 drives went dead straight with good distance and feel. Thanks for a great set ... read more
Success Stories

Cobra King Forged ONE 2 and 3 Iron

Cobra King Forged ONE 2 and 3 iron?  Well, I was skeptical at first but Daron said go for it.  So, he ordered two Cobra Forged One 4 irons,  and we bent them to 17 and 20 degrees respectively.  You have to be REALLY careful when bending any club, especially up to 6 degrees.  The results? ... read more
Success Stories

G400 Irons with LZ Steel Shafts - Awesome!

G400 Irons with LZ Steel Shafts - Awesome! Just got off the range with my new G400 Powerspec irons with the Project X LZ Steel 6.0 shafts.  Easiest clubs to hit I have ever had.  ... read more
Success Stories

Love the ACCRA Shaft in My EPIC Driver

Love the ACCRA Shaft in My EPIC Driver The ACCRA shaft is great.  I think it is a great combo with the EPIC head!  Thanks again for the follow up. I found you when I found a review you did on Project X LZ Tour shafts. I really like the amount of custom options you offered. Your customer ... read more
Success Stories

Great Results with OBAN Devotion HB Shaft!

Great Results with OBAN Devotion HB Shaft! Well fortunately here in ALBQ the combination of mild winters and stupidity (according to the golf pro we play on days that sane people don't) keeps us from missing too many weekends of golf.  I used the driver at the range one ... read more
Success Stories

Love My New Miura MB5005 Irons

Love My New Miura MB5005 Irons I found out about you through a story about your shaft research and analysis -maybe Golfwrx or MyGolfSpy ??  From there I jumped on your site and went through an iron fitting for shafts and was intrigued and would check ... read more
Success Stories

Mizuno JPX-900 Hotmetal Irons with Veylix Shafts

Ever wanted to try really light weight shafts with one of the hottest iron heads on the market?  Michael H. did and he got great results! The Veylix 473 iron shafts come in at around 50-55 grams with a mid-high trajectory and spin.  The clubs were built to a 4.0 flex and D1 swing weight ... read more
Success Stories

Better Drives With New Driver Shaft

"It took a little while getting used to the shorter length of the new driver shaft, but now I am hitting the center of the face more consistently and getting more distance." Our Fitting Wizard recommends driver shafts slightly shorter than most off-the-rack drivers.  Standard length recommendation ... read more

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