Success Stories

Success Stories covers the many golfers that we have helped in improving their games through our custom fitting and custom building of their equipment.  From 8 years old to 94 and counting, from beginners to tour players, we have helped them all play Better Golf....Faster!

LA Golf Reign Shaft is a Winner!

January 16th, 2019 - The LA ... read more

STABILITY Shaft and Evnroll Putter an Awesome Combo

The STABILITY shaft has made quite a difference for a lot of players. "That shaft with the ER9 are an unstoppable duo... I have never putted this well in my life. Had it at a 4 day golf trip / friendly tournament and had the most consistent putting weekend of my 30+ years of play. Consistent ... read more

Fujikura Pro 2.0 Shaft Feels Great!

"Love the feel of the new fairway wood!  I think we settled on the right flex and swing weight."  Brian B., MA, USA We put together a new Rogue SubZero three wood with Fujikura Pro 2.0 7 and an MCC Align grip.  We always line up the shaft with the logo down as the majority of our customers ... read more

KBS TGI Shafts in JPX-900 Forged Irons Working Great!

KBS TGI Shafts in JPX-900 Forged Irons Working Great! Just a follow up note to say that I am very pleased with my new irons.  They are playing great.  You guys did a great job building them exactly as I wanted them.  I am very happy ... read more

Aerotech SteelFiber i90fc Iron Shafts Perform Great

Aerotech SteelFiber i90fc Iron Shafts Perform Great  A customer came to us looking for a lighter weight shaft with more shock reduction than his current Project ... read more

New OBAN and ACCRA Shafts Rock the M3's

New OBAN and ACCRA Shafts Rock the M3's "The OBAN Kiyoshi White 75 driver shaft is great!  Hit 20% more fairways the first time out.  And the ACCRA FX 2.0 300 fairway shaft has me hitting my 3 wood better than any 3 wood I have ever ... read more

Love the New STABILITY Putter Shaft!

STABILITY putter shaft is great.  "I love it!  This is exactly what I have been trying to accomplish for a couple of years by inserting anti vibration foam down my putter shaft.  Thanks for your tremendous service!" ... read more

Tensei CK Pro Brings Immediate Results

The Story When Dan felt the Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White shaft was no longer the best fit for his swing he knew exactly what to do. He came seeking our expertise to find the right replacement. After learning about Dan's situation, ... read more

New Clubs Bring Improvement, Excitement (Review)

Review "The clubs are fantastic!  I noticed a very real and positive difference over the sticks I've been playing with.  I'm really looking forward to continuing to work on my game with these tools that inspire confidence.  Thank you again!" -Joe S, ... read more

New Clubs Produce Great Results!

Success Story "I'm hitting the clubs really well... everything looks and feels GREAT! I'm really excited to play [my new clubs] more!" "Thank you so much for everything, I definitely recommend this type of approach [to getting custom fit clubs]." Mike ... read more

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