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Understanding Golf Shaft Launch and Spin

Understanding Golf Shaft Launch and Spin

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Understanding golf shaft launch and spin is the key to choosing the correct shaft for your swing dynamics.   Shafts are typically identified by launch or trajectory  characteristics in five categories:  Low, Low-Mid, Mid, Mid-High and High.  The same categories apply to the spin characteristics.  If you look at the chart above of shafts available for Titleist drivers in 2015, you can see a pretty linear slope from Low Launch and Spin to High Launch and Spin.  There will be a few variations but the simple physics of designing a golf shaft makes it almost impossible to create a shaft that is Low Launch-High Spin or High Launch-Low Spin.   Titleist has done a good job of showing the relative Trajectory (Launch) and Spin of shafts they offer for their clubs.  Our Fitting Wizard gives recommendations for over 600 shafts.  And, you can filter by brand, weight, price, trajectory and spin to see what is available.  For a less extensive list of shafts available from Titleist, see Titleist Shaft Performance Guide Here...

TrueFitClubs Fitting Wizard

Here is How to Use our Fitting Wizard.

The Fitting Wizard of TrueFitClubs has a one-to-one relationship between Trajectory and Spin.  This means that a shaft that has a Low Trajectory designation will also have a Low Spin designation.  And a shaft that is Mid-High Trajectory will also have Mid-High Spin.    So when selecting shafts in the customizing process, when you filter by either Spin or Trajectory, you must choose the corresponding category, i.e. Mid or All when filtering, for example, on Mid Trajectory shafts.

Spin and Trajectory Differential

The reality of shaft fitting is that the differential in spin and trajectory from lowest to highest is actually quite modest.  In a typical driver fitting, for example, a Low trajectory shaft may produce a 9 degree launch while a Mid-High trajectory shaft may only increase the launch to 11 degrees, and spin may only increase from 2,500 to 2,900.  Of course this can be significant in optimizing distance but do not be afraid of choosing a shaft that is designated Low-Mid even if your recommendation is for Low.  Sometimes, the combination of shaft weight, flex and price make certain shafts unavailable in particular trajectory and spin categories.  The reality of selecting the shaft is to not go more than two categories above or below your recommendations, i.e. Low instead of Mid is marginally acceptable.  You are better off changing the loft of your clubs if you need that much change in the shaft trajectory or spin characteristics.

Fitting Wizard Recommendations

When you input your Tempo, Transition, Release and desired trajectory, the TrueFitClubs Fitting Wizard uses that information to determine a shaft profile (Trajectory and Spin) that will give you the desired results.  That, in conjunction with your distance, determines the butt stiffness, or flex, recommendation. 

Building Clubs and Shafts to Your Recommendations

When we build your clubs or shaft with tip adapter, we build to the EXACT specifications recommended.  We DO NOT just install an A, R, S or X Flex and hope the results are correct.  We know that each shaft has its own characteristics (weight, CPM(cycle per minute), loading curve profile).  This means that we may have to use a different flex than what is labeled on the shaft to get the proper performance.  Kinda like buying shirts in S, M and L versus 16.5x35!  While we have made every precaution to make sure that certain shafts  will match your fitting recommendations, we will contact you and make other recommendations if that is not achievable.  Our shaft database allows us to search and compare thousands of shaft options.  

So, Login or Sign Up for an account and go through our Fitting Wizard to see which shafts work for your swing!

Here is How to Use our Fitting Wizard.

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