Our "Secret Sauce" is Our Custom Club Building Process

Our "Secret Sauce" is  Our Custom Club Building Process

Our custom club building process at TrueFitClubs is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.  All of our clubs are built to specific flex, length, loft, lie and swing weight, as designated on the order.

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Custom Club Building Custom Club Building

Custom Fit Does NOT Mean Custom Built!

Have you ever tried clubs at a demo day, bought the exact ones you demoed online or at a big box store, and couldn't hit them worth a lick?  Well,  there is so much variation in shaft flexes, clubhead weights, lofts and lies that your chances of getting exactly what you demoed are slim to none.  And, if you are buying a shaft or shafts online without understanding the profile of those shafts, you are just guessing.  So you buy it, try it, hate it, sell it and start all over again!  Break that cycle! 

Head Weight

Prior to building each club, we weigh each clubhead.  This ensures that we will be able to build the club to your exact specifications of flex and swingweight.  If a head is lighter than normal, we may need to use tungsten weighting in the hosel or adjust the weights on a driver, for example.  If the head is too heavy, we may need to counter balance the club by adding lead tape under the grip or shorten the length of the club slightly.  If we cannot meet the specifications you prescribe in your order, we will contact you immediately to resolve the discrepancy.

Specific Shaft Flex

Every shaft has a specific flex designation.  In our shaft profiling, we identify not only the stiffness of each shaft, as measured by CPM (cycles per minute) on a frequency meter, but the actual profile of that shaft.  We use the Rifle frequency scale where a 4.0 is a Senior flex, 5.0 is Regular flex, 6.0 is Stiff  flex, and 7.0 is Xtra Stiff flex.  We will actually build to sub-flexes like A+(4.5).  Because each shaft is different, we check the CPM prior to building to be sure the shaft will meet the build specifications.  Do NOT be surprised if the designation on the shaft, i.e. R does not exactly match what you requested, i.e. A(4.0) as we may need to use a different flex shaft to match your specifications.  In most cases, the shaft we use will be tip trimmed to add stiffness, but not always.  Check out our shaft profiling system here...

Flat Line Oscillation (FLO)

One of the key factors in ensuring that the clubs we produce perform consistently is to align the "spine" of the shaft in the normal swing direction.  There is a proprietary system from SST Pure that determines a similar location based upon their technique.  We do not use that as it is usually only done on raw length shafts and when installing, a shaft may need to be tip trimmed which can change the location of the "spine" or PURE location.

Each shaft, even a steel shaft, will have an orientation that produces a stiffer CPM when testing and an oscillation pattern when tested on a frequency meter that produces a "flat line".  We make sure that we FLO each shaft during assembly to ensure consistency of performance.  If the FLO is off, your shots COULD go right or left of target. 

Shaft Orientation and Labels

When spine aligning shafts, the logo on the shaft may not be perfectly centered.  We will install the shafts with the logo down (on the underside when looking down at the club in its hitting position), to reduce the amount of distraction.  Also, we do not install the shaft labels on steel irons but will include those with your order in case you want to install them yourself.

Swing Weight

Consistency of swing weight is extremely important in a set of golf clubs.  We pay particular attention to length, grip weight, head weight and shaft balance point as all of these will have an impact on swing weight, or "feel" of the golf club.  If your clubs are longer than standard length, or you use a light weight grip or shafts are heavier than standard, your swing weights will be heavier than standard.  Conversely, if your clubs are shorter than standard length, you use an oversize grip, or your shaft is counterbalanced, your swing weights will be lighter than standard.  Our Fitting Wizard determines your initial swing weight based upon your input.  If we cannot meet the specifications you prescribe in your order, we will contact you immediately to resolve the discrepancy.

Loft and Lie

Each club is built to exact loft and lie specifications on your order.  If you have any unique requirements, please specify them on your order and we will make every effort to accommodate them.

So, you can trust us to build your clubs to the EXACT specifications you put on your order.  And if we have any issues at all matching your specs, we will contact you and work through your options.  Go through our Fitting Wizard, find out your specs, order your clubs and get them built to your exact specifications.

Use our Fitting Wizard to see which shaft works for you! 

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