TrueFitClubs Golf Performance Research

TrueFitClubs Golf Performance Research

The team at TrueFitClubs is dedicated to ongoing research of every aspect of technology that can improve our golfers performance.  While we are primarily focused on golf equipment (heads, shafts, grips) we work with some of the top coaches, fitness gurus, and nutritionists to understand what it takes to improve our golfers performance.

No Two Swings are Alike

Kinematic Sequence Kinematic Sequence

While a lot of golf equipment research is done in the lab or with robots, we know that it is our golfers swings that deliver the clubhead to the ball.  We continue to do research with companies like GEARS Golf to understand the kinetic motion of the golfer's swing and how that translates into club speed, consistency of contact and resulting ball speed and shot direction.  Swing dynamics like tempo, transition and release are now broken down further into total swing time, transition time, maximum grip speed, grip speed at impact, grip roll and impact time.  Understanding a golfers kinematic sequence helps us fit the proper weight, flex, trajectory, and swing weight for each golfer.

No Two Shafts are Alike

Wood Shafts 2017 Wood Shafts 2017

We know that the shaft is the transmission that delivers the power of the golfer to the ball.  The right shaft means more distance, accuracy and consistency.

Our partner, D'Lance Golf Performance Center, has developed a proprietary shaft profiling system that helps us understand the dramatic differences of shafts.  By understanding the differences in shaft weights, balance points, bend profiles (Elasticity Index or EI curve), and circumfrential consistency, we can more accurately predict the proper shafts for our golfers.  New research into shaft dynamics during the swing give us statistics like maximum shaft deflection, shaft droop at impact, shaft velocity at impact and face impact.  Advances in shaft technology will literally allows us to help golfers increase club speed by selecting the proper shaft for their swing dynamics.

No Two Heads are Alike

New Driver - 2018 New Driver - 2018

With all of the claims of higher ball speeds off the face, lower spin and more distance and forgiveness, we continually test all of the new heads coming to market with a team of golfers.  Every manufacturer has their own team of researchers and do a great job of testing their products.  A lot of these tests are done with PGA and LPGA Tour players.  Well, not all of our golfers are tour players so testing with a team of average to above average players is important to us.  We will continue to look at every piece of equipment from drivers to putters and give you comparisons as to how they will work for your game.