Reshafting Golf Clubs Can Dramatically Improve Performance

Reshafting Golf Clubs Can Dramatically Improve Performance

Reshafting golf clubs can dramatically improve performance. 

Our Top 100 Clubfitter in America partners do a significant amount of reshafting golf clubs as part of their normal business.

Now YOU can ship your clubs to one of our locations and have your equipment updated with the latest shafts and grips that will get you more distance, accuracy and consistency.

Remember, domestic orders over $250 ship FREE!

Choose Your Club to Reshaft

Here is how it works.  If you already have a TrueFitClubs account and have used our Fitting Wizard to identify your optimal shafts, select your profile from your Fitting Profiles section in your account.  Then, select the club(s) you would like to reshaft, i.e. Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, Iron or Wedge.

Once you select, the club(s) you want to reshaft, select the Brand dropdown, and select RESHAFT MY (type of club).  You will then have the option of selecting the type of clubs, lofts, and lies.  In some cases we may not have all of the options so select the closest loft.  Obviously, the price of the club is ZERO as we do not charge for pulling the shafts.

Choose the Shaft

Then select the shaft(s) you want either based upon your Fitting Profile or your own choice.  Then select the length and swing weight you desire.  If we have any issues with the length and swing weight you have chosen, we will contact you when you place your order or you can chat with us online.

Choose your Grip

Select your grip with number of extra wraps and logo orientation.

Proceed to Checkout

When you proceed to check out, be sure to fill in the comments exactly the Make and Model of clubs you are sending to us, i.e. TaylorMade M2 irons, or Callaway X2Hot 3 wood.  We will clearly mark your order when it is placed.

We will contact you with shipping instructions so you can ship your clubs to the closest location in order to minimize shipping costs.  If your order is over our Free Shipping threshold, your order will be shipped back to you at no charge.

Rest assured, your clubs will go through the same detailed custom club building process as an order for new clubs.  No extra charge for pulling the heads or cleaning the hosels  to ensure a good epoxy bond.

Be a part of the growing community of golfers that are either finding a great deal in used clubs and then having the right shaft put in them, or fixing a club that just never seemed right from the day you bought it.  Either way, save some coin and get better performance with TrueFitClubs Reshaft!

Remember, domestic orders over $250 ship FREE!

Dan Sueltz and Eric Touchet