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oban airburst premium shafts are here!

OBAN AirBurst Premium Wood Shafts

All About Shafts

OBAN AirBurst Premium Wood Shafts

OBAN AirBurst Premium Wood Shafts

OBAN AirBurst premium wood shafts are the entry from OBAN in the Japanese super-premium category.  These shafts are manufactured by Olympic Co., LTD and use the highly acclaimed Torayca(tm) dense fiber material.  Designed for Mid to Mid High ball flight and Mid to Low Mid spin, these shafts will be perfect for professional and amateur players looking for the next shaft that delivers distance, control and superior feel.

Use our Fitting Wizard to see which shaft will work best for you!

Shaft Weight/Flex Options

The shaft comes in two basic weights, 55 gram and 65 gram.  The 55 gram comes in and R and S flex, while the 65 gram comes in S and X flex.  Unlike most of the OBAN wood shafts that play stiff to their designated flex, these shafts in our testing measure more true to an industry standard, if there is such a thing.  As with a lot of shafts, the lighter weights will play a half flex softer.

Trajectory and Balance Point

The AirBurst 55 will have a mid to mid-high trajectory based upon our testing, while the AirBusrt 65 will be mid to low-mid trajectory.  This is more of a traditional balance point shaft so you will get a slightly higher swing weight in today's heavier driver heads.

Quality Measurements

Our Quality Index is 93.8% making it in the top 5% of all shafts we test.  This test considers the consistency of weight, torque, balance point, spine location, and CPM (cycles per minute).

These shafts put a premium on performance and consistency so step up and get a burst of fresh air with AirBurst!

Use our Fitting Wizard to see which shaft will work best for you!

Dan Sueltz