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ProjectX EvenFlow Max Carry Review

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ProjectX EvenFlow Max Carry Review

ProjectX EvenFlow Max Carry Review

ProjectX has introduced a new shaft to its EvenFlow lineup: The EvenFlow Max Carry.

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Test Results

Joining the EvenFlow Black and EvenFlow Blue, this version of the shaft is red and features a softer tip section for slightly higher launch conditions.  In our testing, these shafts exhibit some of the highest ranks for consistency in weight, torque, CPM (flex) and spine at 96%. 

The Max Carry features an even bend profile for the most efficient transfer of shaft load energy and allowing for the maximum energy to be released at impact.  These shafts are also slightly counter balanced to allow great performance in some of today's heavier driver and fairway heads.

The ProjectX Even Flow Lineup

The Max Carry also features the highest launch and spin of the EvenFlow series thanks to its soft tip, making it the ideal choice for golfers with slower to moderate swing speeds seeking increased carry and distance.  This is also a great shaft for fairway woods as the softer tip will help get the ball launched with Max Carry!

Inspired by the smooth and effortless energy of crashing waves, the shaft design aimed at creating a smooth transition in the down swing from the hands to the club head for the best feel possible.

Every EvenFlow shaft is hand crafted. They are also painted by hand, making every shaft aesthetically unique.

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Dan Sueltz