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Mizuno JPX-900 Hotmetal Irons with Veylix Shafts

Ever wanted to try really light weight shafts with one of the hottest iron heads on the market?  Michael H. did and he got great results!

The Veylix 473 iron shafts come in at around 50-55 grams with a mid-high trajectory and spin.  The clubs were built to a 4.0 flex and D1 swing weight at a half inch over length.

"I had the opportunity yesterday to play on a simulator with them.  They felt great.  Once I got the simulator sorted out I hit 7 of 8 greens with them.  The 8th was on the fringe.  If they work like this on the real thing I'll be overjoyed.

Thanks for doing a great job and the check back."  Michael H., NY USA
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