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Great Results with OBAN Devotion HB Shaft!

Great Results with OBAN Devotion HB Shaft!

Great Results with OBAN Devotion HB Shaft!

Well fortunately here in ALBQ the combination of mild winters and stupidity (according to the golf pro we play on days that sane people don't) keeps us from missing too many weekends of golf.  I used the driver at the range one day, and played 18 holes the next.

I LOVE the shaft.  The flex is rated the same as my old driver (Cobra Fly Z) but there is no comparison regarding how much more STABLE (?) the Oban Devotion HB shaft feels.  Ball flight is lower and more consistent, and while as of yet I do not see much difference in carry distance, I do notice less left to right variance, and decent roll out (well, ground is kind of frozen the first few holes).  I probably could have done more research into the head, it seems smaller, kind of Ping sounding (that's ok) but with the somewhat shorter shaft I do hit it right in the middle of the VVVs on the face.  I think with time it will work out really well.

Hitting this club has made me aware of how unstable the shafts in my fairway and rescue clubs are, so I am looking at the "reshaft" option for these clubs on your website (I like the Adams heads and if new heads were options I would maybe do that, but if not I think just new shafts following your recommendations would help).

Thank you for the follow up email, as well as the good customer support through the purchase process!!!!!