Fitting Tips and Technology

Fitting Tips and Technology is all about what we do to help improve our golfers games with the latest in fitting techniques and technology.

The Problem with Testing Stock Driver Shafts

February 17th, 2019 - Ok, I admit it, I am biased.  But so should you be!  Getting a driver fitting ... read more

Mizuno JPX-919 Hot Metal Pro

Wow!  What a great addition the JPX-919 Hot Metal Pro makes to the JPX-919 lineup!  This is not the first time Mizuno has done a "Pro" version of one of its lines and probably will not be the last. If you are transitioning from some cavity back or even muscle back irons and want a little ... read more

Get More Distance Off the Tee and Drop Strokes Off Your Game

It's no secret that if you get more distance off the tee you will drop strokes off your game.  Pretty simple.  If you are closer to the green on your approach shots, you can hit more greens and shave 1-3 strokes off your game!  That's not me talking.  That is Callaway and TrackMan ... read more

Dialing in Your New Iron Shafts

There are so many new iron shafts coming this year it will make your head spin!  But it is interesting that with all of the new iron shafts, the major manufacturers pick a few stock "no upcharge" options, and then give you little or no guidance as to why they have chosen those shafts.  ... read more

What 2019 Driver Head Appeals to You?

So, what 2019 driver head appeals to YOU? When selecting a club head, the driver head has to look good to your eye, sound good to your ear and feel good in your hands.  This is what we call the "soft side" of the fitting process but it is very important.  I cannot ... read more

Understanding Golf Shaft Launch and Spin

Login or Sign Up for an account and go through our Fitting Wizard to see which shafts work for your swing! With ... read more

New Irons? Use Our Fitting Wizard to Dial in Your Specs

According to a poll of our sister company D'Lance Golf Performance Center,  43% of you plan on making new irons their first purchase in 2019. ... read more

The Driver Ball Speed Wars!

It's all about driver ball speed these days if you listen to the manufacturers.  Hotter, faster is the mantra.  Well of course...nobody wants more forgiveness without more distance!   But every manufacturer is claiming significant increases in ball speed?  So how are the manufacturer's getting ... read more

Use Our Fitting Wizard for Junior Golfer Club Fitting!

It is never too early to start thinking about junior golfer club fitting!  Junior golf, especially competitive junior golf seems to go year 'round.  You can use our Fitting Wizard for junior ... read more

Your 2019 Golf Equipment Resolutions

As we look forward this year, it is time to take a look at your 2019 golf equipment resolutions.  We always need to look at our golf game and make adjustments to our equipment to get the absolute most out of what we bring to the course.  So here are a few of our suggestions: ... read more

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